Hotel Les Etoiles Toubkal Bad Experience

Hotel Les Etoiles Toubkal Bad Experience

This is our bad experience between Gomarnad and Hotel Les Etoiles Toubkal in Imlil.

The Hotel Etoile Du Toubkal Imlil , as our client , requested photography session in September 2015 , as urgent request , necessary for booking and tripadvisor , after renovating its property - rooms.

Manager of hotel requested photography session for his 2 websites : and to be replaced old and not actual pictures on website, on and website.

Gomarnad provided service for photography session in that exact date , with finishing requested services.

We provided DVD with high resolution photos to the manager personally in Marrakech.

Around February 2016 we met Manager of Hotel Les Etoile Toubkal "Houssein" expecting payment but until this date we did not received any payment for photography even promised maybe 7 times.

From Sepetember 2015 until Jun 2016 we talked / called / messaged with manager of Hotel Etoile Toubkal in Imlil number of times but we never get paid.

From this experience we strongly recommend to avoid any further business relationship with the manager and owners until balance cleared with Gomarnad.

To share negative and also positive experience with our clients is very important for making business better. 

Gomarnad London / Marrakech