Summer in Merzouga desert

5 Reasons you should visit Morocco in summer time

Well, everyone likes hot weather and in my childhood I looked forward for summer time every single year. Once I groove up I traveled to summer holiday destination across Europe. Since I moved to Morocco a few years ago I don't need to travel to summer destination anymore.

I have it whole year.
And sometimes I have more hot than I wish to have. Living in Morocco has some positive and some negative impact when talking about weather in summer.

1. Be prepared for crazy hot you never felt in Europe

I have lot of friends in Europe and they asking me how is Morocco for holiday, is it worth to visit it and many other questions. First of all , it depends what you expect from Morocco. If you come to Morocco in summer months of Jun, July or August be prepared for extremely hot weather more than 40 degrees.  Visiting Morocco in summer months is really cool for those visiting Sahara desert and doing sand-bath therapy in Merzouga.

Sand bath is special treatment and takes for around 10 minutes when you are buried neck-deep in the hot sand. It is perfect for those who suffer from rheumatism, lumbago, polyarthritis and also skin disorders. This sand bath therapy has also the same effect as a sauna session helping purge the body of poisonous toxins.

Some hotels/riads offering sand bath in Merzouga desert : Maison Adrar Merzouga , Le petite Prince , La Gazelle Blue

2. Have whole swimming pool just for you 

It would not be perfect summer holiday without swimming and relax. In Merzouga desert you can have it all and as bonus -  you will have the whole swimming pool just for you. There are just few tourists visiting Sahara desert in Merzouga in summer months.

I recommend you stay more days in some fancy hotel with swimming pool (Dar Tafouyte, Mohayout, Ksar Bicha, Riad Ali) with friendly staff and you eill enjoy the silence of desert.

3. Enjoy desert sand boarding in Merzouga 

Almost every toursit coming to Merzouga desert enjoy camel ride and sleeping in desert camp. There are also other desert activities you can do. Consider sand-boarding, which is really funny and easy to learn within few minutes.

I recommend you also climbing to the high dune near Merzouga village during sunset time. It is amazing experience and from the top you will enjoy the whole desert region.

4. Save money when you traveling with your children

Most of hotels offer free stay for children under 6 years and also discounts for children under 12/16 years. Contact them directly for more information. To save money, ask them for all services you require during your stay in Merzouga desert (hotel, activities, transport).

Merzouga desert is also cool destination for your children, as they will love camels, sand playgrounds and different activities.

5. Travel to Merzouga desert in private Tour 

This is most valuable experience if you travel to Merzouga desert in confortable air conditioned 4x4 vehicle. In private tour there will be no other tourist , it will be 100% private transport.

There are lot of companies offering Private Morocco Tours , offering unique experience. Just tell them your requirements , your desired destinations or just chose any existing tour from their website. Some tour companies :

  • Come and Visit Morocco (Company based in Merzouga offering Private Morocco Tours from Marrakech , Fes and Casablanca)
  • Rove Morocco Travels (Company based in Marrakech and Casablanca offering Private Morocco Tours from Marrakech , Fes and Casablanca)
  • Mhidi Morocco Travel (Travel Agency based in Marrakech offering Private Morocco Tours from Marrakech , Fes and Casablanca)
  • Morocco Tours Travel (Company based in Imlil offering Private Morocco Tours from Marrakech , Fes and Casablanca)
  • Morocco Holiday Planner (Company based in Marrakech offering Private Morocco Travel to desert,mountains, Imperial cities and Atlantic coast)
  • Morocco Holiday Maker (Company based in Marrakech offering Private Morocco Tours from Marrakech , Fes ,Tangier and Casablanca)

This article has been create by Gomarnad / Marco Prelousqui and published as a advice for travelers coming to Morocco in summer months.

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