Auberge Les Roches sahara desert

1 perfect night in Auberge Les Roches in Moroccan Sahara desert - Merzouga

Me ,my family and friend had desert trip to Merzouga and we decided to spend 1 night in Merzouga desert hotel LES ROCHES.

AUBERGE LES ROCHES is typical small - family desert hotel with camping site for caravan cars (camping site is very popular for French ,Spanish visitors).

The rooms are decorated in typical Berber style and i really liked it. I was really impressed with decoration, style and elegance of the rooms in AUBERGE LES ROCHES.
I can really recommend this desert hotel as cool place for stay as single, couple or family traveler.

The owner / manager Lahcen was very kind and took care about everything we needed that day.
AUBERGE LES ROCHES has perfect location for camel trek or just walking in desert dunes. 

Just from outside of AUBERGE LES ROCHES you can arrange camel trek for stay in desert camp (1 night) or even sunset camel trek. 

 The next day we arranged camel trek to see sunset in Sahara desert - Merzouga. 

Merzouga desert is perfect place for relax and adventure. Just opposite of Merzouga village center is high dune and it is worth to climb it and enjoy sunset in Sahara desert. 

We decided to spent another day in Sahara desert enjoying all desert area around us.

My friend Peter (first time in Sahara desert) 

Fatiha and her sand-boarding skills

I have visited few hotels in Merzouga before and i can say AUBERGE LES ROCHES has one of the best decorated rooms i have ever seen here in desert.

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