Amalou Houssaine and his lies and promises

Amalou Houssaine 

Few words about Amalou Houssaine , friend of Brahim Ainabi , who did not pay us for our services (creating 2 websites and registering 2 website domain names).

This person (Amalou Houssaine) was sending many emails to our customers with lies and promises to make their services better. He explained them how Gomarnad did not provide good services.

But Amalou Houssaine doesnt know how business works and has no experience with clients and their needs! We have many happy clients from UK , USA, FranceSpain, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt and we do our job best according every single contract with every single customer.

But Amalou Houssaine  does not know that every single customer has different wishes for own business , limited with budget. Amalou Houssaine doesnt know what means providing quality services to clients.
Amalou Houssaine sent some of our clients email that we charge a lot for our services.
If Amalou Houssaine think he is regulator for business prices and he knows where is minimum and maximum price for any services , then why he doesnt ask Moroccan authorities to implement this in Moroccan low ?? 
As everybody knows prices depends on many factors. Depends on quality services, depends on demands of clients.

Amalou Houssaine also does'n know that some clients wish to have own unique text on their website and doesn't want to be changed.
Amalou Houssaine doensnt know that many of our clients do not want SEO referencement for search engines.

Amalou Houssaine doesnt know some of our customers want just basic SEO , or extended or sometimes full SEO / SMO service. 

Amalou Houssaine contacted some of our clients to promise them to make better services for them but some of them contacted me after time with this experience and told me he didnt do anything good to make business better.

Here is some email that Amalou Houssaine send us (Gomarnad) and you can say if person like this can offer reliable services to any clients :

Amalou Houssaine is liar ! Amalou Houssaine is dangerous person !
He threat us because we wrote negative review in Tripadvisor for his friend in Dades !!!