How to make Moroccan Tea - Berber whiskey

How to make Moroccan Tea

Here is step-by-step advice for making delicious BERBER whiskey.

1) Start by putting 2 scoops of green tea in tea pot

2) Open up the tea leaves and add a little bit of water, swish it around and then pour the water out into a separate glass . The resulting liquid will be light in color.

3) Clean the tea leaves and add a little more water to the tea pot, swish it around again to clean the leaves which are now open and receptive to cleaning. Pour the water out into a separate glass. The resulting liquid from this step is dark and cloudy – like dirty water – and can be used to water the plants.

4) Pour the first glass of liquid (from step 2) back into the tea pot.

5) Add water.

6) Add a little bit of sugar (for brews that are using sugar). The man explaining this said “a little bit of sugar” and then he proceeded to dump a hard lump the size of of my fist into the pot – at least a cup!

7) Put the tea pot over the fire for a few minutes until the tea is hot.

8 ) Pour out the first glass, then pour back into the pot to mix the tea and the sugar.

9) Add fresh mint.

10) Pour the tea into the glasses making sure to raise the teapot as high as you possibly can while pouring the tea. Moroccans do not like tea that isn’t poured from high up – it doesn’t taste as good.

11) Say “Basaha” which means cheers in Arabic

12) Enjoy your Berber whiskey

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