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Gomarnad - designing website and professional photography also in Morocco ...

Work,work and work. These days i was designing website for Benhama Hotel in Erfoud, Morocco ,where i also live.

I saw many hotel,riad websites in this area and what can i say is 90% of them are not attractive or a bit professional.

I was trying to explain  to many clients how important for business in Morocco is professional website , some managers understood , others did not care about this. But these days, we live in online age and understanding importance of perfect online presentation is key to success ! Especially here in Morocco , where most of travelers come from Europe and they really care about how your property looks like... (on your website , on pictures,social media networks..)

Hotel Benhama Erfoud   Site web design / Photographie Marco Prelousqui

For good looking website -professional pictures are very important. So this is my second part of my work for this hotel. I have visited this hotel many times before, i mean lobby area , where people usually go for coffee ,watching football ,or just talking to each others.  And now I was lucky to see Benhama's hotel rooms . All rooms I visited were nice decorated and ready for customers ;) Especially blue and orange rooms were perfect !

Due to the growth of social media, your online appearance is important ! 

(Professional Photography in Morocco by MarcoPrelousqui)

Hotel Benhama Erfoud   Site web design / Photographie Marco Prelousqui

Hotel Benhama Erfoud   Site web design / Photographie Marco Prelousqui

After few days designing website,taking pictures of rooms I finished and the result is here . 

For all hotels, auberges,camping sites and other business in Morocco , what i can recommend is - Do care about your ONLINE publicity ! It is very important and it will surely bring positive result ! Good website must be easy to understand for visitors .

In marketing, images are everything.

Comparing professional and amateur pictures is funny . Have a look at your hotel, restaurant and ask yourself if what you see on your pictures is same what you see on your own eyes ! Good business require perfect quality ! Taking professional pictures is very important and your property will be judged by internet users by the quality of pictures !

If you are serious about your business , contact professional photographer.

Do you know that a major source of all hotel reservations results are from online channels ?

Travelers search and compare hotels online before making a reservation !!

Studies show the top two main factors in the decision process are reviews and photos.

 Photos create the first impression of the hotel for travelers to Morocco. 

Hotel Benhama Erfoud   Site web design / Photographie Marco Prelousqui

The basic rule : The more high quality photos the better ! 
Hotel photography can tell a thousand words about your hotel.  

Site web design / Photographie Marco Prelousqui Erfoud Maroc

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